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Campaign against ISI Imran Khan demands inquiry

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has called for an inquiry into the revelations about a leading Pakistani media group made by Hindustan Times in its internal inquiry into a source-less article published in the September 29, 2013, edition of the paper.
“This is a very serious matter. It’s a serious allegation. It should be fully investigated and facts should be exposed. I believe it’s wrong for any Pakistani television channel to make propaganda under the influence of any foreign agency. An inquiry should be held into the matter,” Imran told Mubashar Lucman in his programme on ARY News on Sunday.
The PTI chief also said that a man working for a private TV channel was given the charge of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He made rules of his choice and awarded the broadcasting contract of cricket matches to the same media outlet, and that too for a period of six months.
“It is interesting that while the broadcasting rights in India are awarded for one, two and five years, but the said channel was given the rights for six months,” he added.
This means now the government would keep the media outlet under pressure and would award the rights for the next six months only if it ‘performed’ well in six months. He also demanded an inquiry to find out why Pakistan Television was not even allowed to take part in the bidding process.

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