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Imran Khan Interview on Aaj Tak News India 7 November 2012
Please watch Imran Khan Interview to Indian News Channel Aj Tak News in India on 7th November 2012. When Imran Khan went to attend World Economic Forum in New Delhi India, 2012. InterView in Urdu/Hindi Click here to Watch Imran Khan speech in World E ...
Imran Khan Speech in World Economic Forum India
Imran Khan Speech where talks in World Economic Forum in India, 7th November 2012. Click here if above video does not play Question Answer Session
Story of Pakistan PTI Video
Please Watch PTI Video about Story of Pakistan. It’s a brief documentary of Pakistan from Qaid-e-Azam to Imran Khan.
Yasir Ali Skydive With PTI Flag
Yasir Ali a PTI Tiger sky dive with PTI Flag. Share with us if you have your pictures, videos or articles about PTI and Imran Khan. He jumped from a plan from 10,000 feet from ground level. Another exclusive video of PTI. Expression of passion and Lo ...
Dr. Arif Alvi in Islamabad Se 6 Nov 2012
Please watch Arif Ali representing PTI in a talk show on a TV Channel CNBC, This program went on air on 6th November 2012. Please browse video section of PTI Tigers Website for more PTI videos and PTI Wallpapers
Imran Khan interview on Jazeera TV
Watch Imran Khan interview taken by Jazeera TV. Imran Khan defending his policies about issues with war and drone attacks on Pakistan and how Imran Khan with deal with USA and these problems once PTI is in Government.
Imran Khan in Takrar 4th November 2012
Please watch Imran Khan interview on Express News. Imran Khan is talking about his policies, PTI current situation when people are leaving party (those joined for personal benefits). Imran khan clearly told that what his point of view is about curren ...
PTI Youth Convention Lahore – 4 November 2012
Pakistan Tehreeke Insaf organised a convention for Young members of PTI. This was PTI Youth Convention, Where Young member of PTI participated in number of thousands. Young PTI Member known as PTI Youth came from different cities of Pakistan. There w ...