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What PTI is going to do in KPK
Imran Khan telling what change is coming in KPK
Pervaiz Khatak CM KPK will pay Helicopter Expences
THIS IS CHANGE: CM KPK Used Helicopter for personal travel. He will pay these expenses from his pocket now…
Imran Khan Speech in National Assembly 19th June 2013
Imran Khan First Speech in National Assembly after Elections Full Speech DailyMotion Tune YouTube
Imran Khan at Usman Mirza House in Rawalpindi 13th June 2013
Imran Khan started to walk and he reached Rawalpindi. First visit of Imran Khan after accident recover is at the house of PTI Tabdeeli Razakar who was killed by Guard of Hanif Abbasi DailyMotion Tune YouTube
AL Jazeeria Documentary on Imran Khan Election Campaign
Imran Khan : Pakistan Decides Documentary on Imran Khan Election Campaign by Al Jazira TV Dailymotion.com Tune.pk Youtube.com
How Imran Khan and PTI has changed Pakistan
Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami telling how Imrna Khan and PTI changed Pakistan Shahi Syed’s daughter voted for PTI and Imran Khan
Joint Press Conference of PTI, JI and QWP 16th May 2013
Pervaiz Khattak Press Conference on 16th May with JI and QWP
How PMLN did rigging in Pakistan Elections – Ex PMLN worker
A PMLN Worker in Nuqta-e-Nazar telling how they did rigging in past
PTI Protest Dharna in Lahore – Videos
PTI Dharna in Lahore against PMLN and Khawaja Saad Rafiq PMLN attack on PTI workers at Dharna in Lahore
PTI Protest in Karachi – Videos
PTI Protesting on Teen Talwar in Karachi
Election Rigging Videos
Videos of Election Rigging (Dhandli) in Karachi, Lahore and Punjab