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It would be a turn game if PTI does not existed.2015 will be election year said imran khan.It was PTI who ruined the turn game of the two parties who were suspected to play the same game for 20 years
main feature of PTI is to break the ruling of states.The whole country needs attention of ruling party.For powerful democracy judicial commission was a essential to be implemented.2015 will be the election year said by the PTI chairman imran khan.
If transparency got imposed during election 2015, There will be the only ruling party
at that will be PTI. It is bad fate of nation that the politicians focus to make financial benefits after being elected, loans make the nation slave.The target of PTI is bring justice in the whole country for every one without any
discrimination.We were being pressured on the issue of Yemen, Until or unless change will not be from the root nothing will change said the PTI chairman imran khan.PTI spread the awareness among the common Pakistani it is a big achievement.
we will bring the peace and justice to over nation with best of our efforts.


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