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Policy on ‘Clean water for all’ ready for unveiling Farman


PESHAWAR (APP): Minister for Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Shah Farman has said that the Khyber Pakthunkhwa government has evolved a policy called ‘Clean Water For All’ and is likely to be unveiled shortly with main focus on ensuring provision of clean drinking water to all the citizens of the province.
Talking to APP here Wednesday, he said PTI Chairman lmran Khan would be briefed on the said policy before putting it on ground. The policy has been prepared by the experts on the subject matter after detailed deliberations.
He declared in clear terms that no politics would be allowed in the issue of clean water in the province and the KP Government would implement the comprehensive policy to this effect in letter and spirit and on need basis. The new policy would certainly address the problem of clean water wherever this problem existed in the province, he explained. All the Executive Engineers of PHED have been directed to submit detailed reports about lack of clean water facilities in their respective jurisdictions.
To a question he said that his government believed in transparent implementation on the policy of providing clean water to the people and will ensure it as well. “We are clear in our minds that we will not do politics on clean water and neither allowed anyone to politicize it”, he argued. About Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WSSP) launched in Peshawar district with the collaboration of private sector, Shah Farman Khan said the project was successfully delivering and yielding extremely positive results. The Government has decided to extend the scope of the WSSP at the divisional headquarters level throughout the province. The Minister also recounted achievements of his government since coming into power in 2013 especially purging the government departments of the corruption menace and making the government answerable to the people. “We have done legislation to make the government answerable to the masses and created departments like Ehtisab Commission and Right To Information (RTI) which can even lay hands on Chief Minister of the province”, Shah Farman told when asked.
A very vivid policy about posting and transfer is being pursued by the KP Government, he said adding, police department has been made apolitical and in the presence of an independent policing, law and order situation would certainly improve.
Similarly drastic reforms have been introduced in departments involved in construction related projects like C&W, Irrigation, PHED and Local Government etc with main thrust on ending the menace of commission and corruption and ensuring transparent and judicious utilization of the government exchequer.

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