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PTI’s official website hacked after Ayesha Gulalai’s press conference
Some hackers group known as “Death Adders Crew” hacked PTI official website on Tuesday night. The website was hacked hours after Ayesha Gulalai’s press conference in which she announced to quit the party. The website was recovered a ...
Kon Banay ga Crorepati ya Wazir e Azam?
Who will be the next prime minister of Pakistan? Kon Banay ga Crorepati ya Wazir e Azam?
عمران خان کے بارے میں کچھ۔
تحریک انصاف کے چیرمین عمران خان 25نومبر 1953 کو پیدا ہوئے۔عمران خان 16 سال کی عمر میں 1969 میں آلمی کرکٹ کھیلنا شروع کی ان کے کھیل کا سفر مختلف ...
It would be a turn game if PTI does not existed.2015 will be election year said imran khan.It was PTI who ruined the turn game of the two parties who were suspected to play the same game for 20 years main feature of PTI is to break the ruling of st ...
Imran Khan’s Special Message
Imran Khan’s special message to the nation
Campaign against ISI Imran Khan demands inquiry
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has called for an inquiry into the revelations about a leading Pakistani media group made by Hindustan Times in its internal inquiry into a source-less article published in the September 29, 2013, edition ...
PTI offers alternative to government policy of price hikes/increasing GST
The PMLN is now showing its true colours of being a Rich Man’s Club rather than a political party representing all segments of Pakistani society. Chairman PTI has demanded the government immediately rollback GST and the price hike in electricity as ...
Imran Khan Article (Column) in Dunya – Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan Kalam in Dunya News Paper 8th May 2013 – Naya Pakistan
Unfair Coverage of PTI in News Papers
Imran Khan is doing HUGE Jalsas as compared to PMLN but News papers are not giving fare coverage to PTI On the other hand News Papers are promoting PMLN by publishing more news
Imran Khan to become Prime Minister of Pakistan
Click here to read full article on Telegraph website
42 Reasons to Vote PTI in Elections 2013
42 Reasons to Vote Imran Khan and PTI in Pakistan Elections 2013 After reading those reasons you will get answers of your questions about PTI
Mein Aur Mera Pakistan – Book Written by Imran Khan (URDU)
Mein Aur Mera Pakistan by Imran Khan by Taimoor Sultan
How Imran Khan Will Control Corruption – PTI Anti Corruption Policy
PTI Anti Corruption Policy Details Legal Structures to address the Problem of Corruption in Pakistan by PTI Official