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PTI Contact Center News Updates 27th June 2013

PTI has set up an Austerity Committee to bring down expenditures of CM/ ministers. PTI is starting a massive austerity drive in KP to account for every rupee spent of tax payers’ money.This is the CHANGE Imran Khan promised & this is what youth believed in.

Austerity Committee will hold PTI’s MNAs/MPAs/CM  accountable & make them follow rules,here is an example for all to see.

Pervez Khattak informed the house that he has paid the bill for the helicopter he used to visit Haripur from his pocket. The PTI chief Imran Khan took notice of Khattak’s helicopter use and restricted him from using the service again.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif, will you please pay all  outstanding electricity bills for Ittefaq mills? its pretty staggering amount . Also all unpaid bank loans and taxes. We know for sure that he won’t.

Khattak maintained that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Government in K-P will bring a change and people will be able to see it. Khattak said that the present provincial Government will reduce the trust deficit of the international donors’ agencies by ensuring better monitory discipline and transparency.

The Government will resolve the confidence of the tax payers by bringing reforms in the tax system and eliminating corruption adding that to this effect working groups have been formed in all government departments to implement the reform agenda of the present Government.

He said that basic reforms in education and health sectors are the top priorities of his Government and practical work on the same has been initiated already.

No reform or change is possible without changing and reforming the education system and therefore, the provincial Government will focus on education section and will introduce uniform system of education both the private and public educational institutions so that both the poor and the rich have equal opportunities of progress, the CM maintained.

Yesterday a PTI delegation meets renowned social worker and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi at his residence in Karachi to inquire about his health.

On the direction of PTI chairman Imran Khan, crates of popular Sindhi mangoes sent to him by President Asif Ali Zardari from his native district of Nawabshah were latter distributed. All the fruits were distributed among poor people in the slums of federal capital  who could not afford to purchase the special fruit. 

Together we are hope,together we are making a difference & together we are PTI.

It is our privilege to have your suggestions & feedback.  

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