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An Idea to Initiate a New Social Media Campaign for OSPK by Ehson Altaf

Asalam – O – Alaikom,

I hope this mail finds you well. First let me introduce myself, I am member of PTI since 2010 and living abroad since 2009. I have studied in UK for two years now doing job in Bahrain. I belong to northern part of Punjab, District Rawalpindi. I wanted to share an idea with you that i think can effect greatly on contribution of Overseas Pakistanis in Elections 2013, especially it will be beneficial for PTI. The idea is to increase the involvement of friends and families of overseas Pakistanis in Elections 2013 by using facebook and other social networking medium for doing that. We can build up a social campaign on all the social media to achieve this target.

In my view A single overseas Pakistan has at least 4 to 9 direct family members in Pakistan and if we include their friends and people they know personally, the number can rise up to 50 even can go beyond than that. These all people are in their friends and family circle and one can directly influence them to vote and can change their voting behaviors and decisions. We can give a special name to this campaign and develop a special page on Facebook and on other social networking mediums. May be these OSPK’s(Overseas Pakistanis) will be allowed to cast their vote or not as the case is under process in Supreme court. This campaign can influence so many people in Pakistan from a different angle across the board.

This campaign will reach new audience and we can create new online advertisements and other stuff to compel overseas Pakistanis to get their families out to vote on Election Day. I know almost 70 – 80% overseas Pakistanis support PTI but now this is not just about supporting we need their families, friends, relatives come out to vote to see PTI victorious in coming elections. An aggressive campaign can build up a nice momentum till the end of election campaign and will surely affect voting results.

Now let me tell you how I got this idea to make this a different campaign, I was talking to my sister in Pakistan and asked about who they will vote in next elections, she said my husband will vote for PTI but I, my Father and Mother in Law will not vote as nothing will happen. I talked to her a little while and convinced her to vote for PTI and take her Father and Mother in Law with her on voting day. There are so many people who are supporting change but have decided to not to vote. I think I have made myself clear to you about this idea and how I got thought of it.

I think it’s the right time to initiate this kind of campaign as just 43 days are left in Elections 2013.

PTI Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.

Ehson Altaf
Ehsan Altaf

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