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Insaf Flight – New Yord to Lahore on 30th April 2013

Insaf Flight
Dear Members & Supporters of PTI, and our fellow Respected Pakistanis,

We have arranged an “Insaf Flight” to Pakistan on April 30, 2013 from New York to Lahore. Everyone is welcome to join in and cast their vote in Pakistan, as well as help PTI & Imran Khan win these historic elections, by working on the ground, InshaAllah!!!

It is our chance to show solidarity with the epic 17 years of struggle of our leader IMRAN KHAN and PTI for a better Pakistan. We can show our Pakistani brothers and sisters that we expatriates, are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to their relentless struggle to make a NAYA PAKISTAN..!! Please JOIN us on this historic INSAF FLIGHT to travel to our homeland and re-claim our country back from the hands of corrupt status quo. Its NOW or NEVER moment for Pakistan..!!

Following are the pertinent details:
Date of Travel: April 30th, 2013
Departure: New York, USA
Destination: Lahore, Pakistan
Ticket Price: $1,100 (For a return ticket with return date for your own choice. This price is only available if you travel together with the group).
Travel to New York: Best competitive rates are available for this leg of the journey
Travel within Pakistan: No charge for a single leg within Pakistan if travel within first 24 hrs of arrival in Lahore. Afterwards, you can travel as many legs within Pakistan as you like within the period of your stay in Pakistan only for $50 per leg!

Please forward the following Bio-data to us:

If you are interested, please contact the names mentioned on the flyer and provide us with:

  • Name as it appears in your passport
  • Passport Expiration date
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact phone (in Pakistan)

We are planning media coverage both here in New york and in Lahore. We have planned various election campaign activities and programs once the group is in Pakistan. We are requesting that individuals pledge whatever amount they can for election campaign; for example, we have members already pledging $500 to $5,000 from their communities. However, it is purely on voluntary basis. Just come and travel in unison and show the opposition, where are the expatriates stand in this historic struggle for Pakistan.

Please send your information to our team:
Amjad Niwaz: amjadnwaz@aol.com(917)-416-4357
Muzamil Anwar: muzamil.anwar@gmail.com(914)-512-8448
Yasir ali: yasirali72@gmail.com; ((646)-852-0262
Abdul Rehman Malik: rehman007@hotmail.com(516)-606-1786
Dr. Tahir Effendi: tahireffendi@gmail.com

Mehboob Aslam: Mehboob30@hotmail.com(626)-236-8260
Usman Ali: pti.california@gmail.com(310)-430-2529
Sadaf Aga: zoyazain@hotmail.com(949)-689-8868
Nasir Cheema: nasircheema@att.net(909)-374-2973

Ghulam Rabbani: americanexpo@hotmail.com(626)-255-0488

Atiya Niazi: atiyaniazi@gmail.com(714)-335-1553

Muhammed Ishtiaq: Ptivirginia@yahoo.com(703)-424-5900
Raja Yaqub: rajamyaqub1@aol.com
Dr. Fahad Khan: docfahad78@yahoo.com(480)-213-8969
Dr. Anas Athar: anas.athar@yahoo.com(913)-406-2463

Sajjad Burki: sidburki@burkirealtygroup.com(281)-236-9492
Naved Khan: pti.michigan@gmail.com(313)-805-9198

Seattle TEAM:

Rizwan Samad: riz@newwavetravel.com(206)-437-8911

Asad Faizi:asadfaizi@hotmail.com(916)-835-9584

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