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PTI’s official website hacked after Ayesha Gulalai’s press conference

Some hackers group known as “Death Adders Crew” hacked PTI official website on Tuesday night. The website was hacked hours after Ayesha Gulalai’s press conference in which she announced to quit the party. The website was recovered after few hours. Now, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf’s official website is re-directing to their youtube video.

In a message, Death Adders Crew said that,

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf , Wtffffff , Insaaf ? Girls Respect ? Kiss Scandals ? Dance at streets ? Even Noon League is Better then your Party , We are not any Political Party supporters , but We Will never Vote you


that’s All , We didn’t upload some pictures , you can Decide , Wakeup Pakistan Wakeup .

We Don’t Need New Pakistan , We Need Our old Pakistan , Pakistan Zindabad <3 ./ !!

Voice Of Pakistan : | Death Adders Crew |

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